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Bergman: A Year in a Life

Bergman - ett ar, ett liv
Directed by: Jane Magnusson

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Movie poster Bergman - rok z życia
Original title: Bergman - ett ar, ett liv
Runtime: 119 min.
Production: Szwecja/Norwegia , 2018
Category: documentary
Release Date: 26 October 2018
Distribution: Nowe Horyzonty

Directed by: Jane Magnusson
Cast: Ingmar Bergman, Lena Endre, Thorsten Flinck

1957 was an important year for Ingmar Bergman - first of all because it was at that time that the film Seventh Seal and Where the Strawberries were growing, thanks to which Swede entered the pantheon of the then cinema. The document Jane Magnusson reports on this moment in the career of the master. He also talks about the years that led to him and which came after him, showing the director's entire life. The portrait that emerges from this meandering narrative is surprisingly ambivalent. On the one hand, Bergman is presented as a great artist, rightly admired and rewarded. On the other hand, the issues connected with its difficult nature are taken up once again: mitomania, egoism, despotism or a tendency to betrayal. Thanks to this, Bergman - a year in his life is much more than the next two-dimensional Kinfolilska laurel.

Piotr Mirski

Average rate: 9.0
rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0 rating 9.0
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