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Directed by: Eva Vila

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Movie poster Penelopa
Original title: Penelope
Runtime: 91 min.
Production: Hiszpania/Polska , 2017
Release Date: 7 June 2019
Distribution: Żółty szalik

Directed by: Eva Vila
Cast: Ramon Clotet Sala, Lurdes Purti Sors, Josep Vila Tarte

"Penelope" is a modern myth of Odysseus, in which the motifs that are still current permeate: expectations, being faithful to their roots and leaving, to break with them.
The film's protagonists are 95-year-old Carmen, a country dressmaker and 58-year-old Ramon - "prodigal son" who returns to his hometown after 30 years.
The film takes place in the heart of Catalonia, in the village of Santa Maria d'Olo, with less than 800 inhabitants. We view this space through the eyes of Carmen - Penelope and Ramon - Odysseus. In the Carmen tailoring workshop, the image of the local community is reflected. The radio on is the commentator of current events. They both look at life from a distance. Carmen knows all the villagers, they are transparent to her. Ramon looks at the distance of a man who has lost everything, he has nothing more, he is a stranger among his own.

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j 24. June 2019, 15:27

to nie zdjecie z tego filmu! foto jest z filmu Penelope z Christina Ricci o dziewczynie o swinskim nosku na ktora rzucono urok :)

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